premium diffusion bonded screen


  • The filtration media is diffusion bonded SS material made under the most stringent manufacturing controls (also available in CRA materials).
  • The media pores have a fixed geometry resisting movement under pressure.
  • A full range of micron ratings is available and the media may be customized to suit specific reservoir characteristics.
  • The filtration media is constructed to provide maximum open area for unrestricted flow.
  • Full range of sizes – TT up to open hole horizontals.sssss


  • Extremely damage resistant – maintains sand control under high compaction loads.
  • Designs available with high dirt holding capacity for heavy oil applications.
  • Well suited for deployments with ICD applications in horizontal wellbores.
  • Chemically and thermally stable for HT/HP applications.
  • Suitable for stand alone or GP deployments.
  • Excellent screen platform for high profile completions and projects.