Delta STS™

Shunt Tube System for Open-Hole Applications


  • The Open Hole STS features a dedicated Transport Tube (TT) without nozzles which maximizes the slurry flow rate from joint to joint.
  • Packing Tubes (PT) are independent from screen joint to screen joint.
  • The tubes are placed eccentrically on the screen to minimize the OD of the product.
  • Split Shroud has no hinges, providing easy manual handling. It is bi-directional and incorporates a locking mechanism for the jumper tube connector.
  • Leak-off tubes allow slurry to be dehydrated across the screen joint connectors, preventing voids in the pack. They are secured with a snap button in the stored position and run position, eliminating the need for set screws.
  • Time threads ensure Transport Tube alignment when screens are made up.
  • Jumper Tubes are held in the locked position by a Snap Clip, eliminating the need for set screws.


  • Use of STS can increase the prospect of a void-free pack when a proppant bridge occurs in the annulus.
  • Use of two (2) Packing Tubes creates redundancy in the STS. Flow through each tube is independent of the other, so packing can continue if one tube is plugged or damaged.
  • Reduced make-up time for jumper tube and shroud results in reducing rig time.
  • The STS can be installed on any of Delta’s screen products.
  • Gravel packing of longer hole intervals can be achieved with the STS.