Outlet Baskets

Prevent costly media migration
With Delta Outlet Baskets.

In down flow processes, outlet baskets are used for direct media retention and to prevent expensive catalyst from migrating out of the vessel. In axial flow processes, inlet baskets are used at the top of the vessel to serve as a distributor where filtration is required from the inside to the outside. 

Delta Screens outlet baskets feature a smooth flat surface that reduces catalyst sanding. The continuous slot design resists plugging and provides a higher total open area than standard wire mesh and perforated plate. Slot widths are customized to provide superior process efficiency and retain specific media size, eliminating the need for transition layers of inert balls.

Each basket is precision welded for superior strength. This ensures that Delta Screens baskets resist collapse under even the heaviest loads, pressure drop and extreme temperatures. Manufactured in a wide variety of materials to suit your application needs, Delta engineers can assist with design or retrofit existing assemblies.

Outlet Baskets