Delta INTAKE Screens


Although abundant, surface water can be surprisingly difficult for municipal and industrial users to capture. The challenges are numerous:

  • Injuring/destroying aquatic life
  • Fluctuating water depths
  • Debris collection
  • Installation restrictions
  • Long term maintenance

At Delta Screens, we manufacture exceptional-quality passive, t-shape intake screens. Installed parallel to the current flow, the proven design efficiently collects a consistent rate of incoming water flow without plugging or harming aquatic life.

With no moving parts to jam, clog or wear out, a Delta Screens intake screen requires little to no maintenance. Meanwhile, its simplistic design can still moderate flow rates to maintain uniform levels across the entire length of the screen. This is critical to maintain average flow velocity.

In the rare event that objects or debris should ever begin collecting against the screen's outer surface, a simple backwash system can be supplied. Certain specialty treatments and materials can even also be used to prevent bio-fouling and aquatic attachments. Further, the use of materials such as 304 stainless steel makes them usable in brackish or saltwater applications.

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